final house arrives at boneyard studios

Last Friday the final house arrived on the Boneyard Studios lot – Elaine’s Lusby.  Elaine doesn’t live in DC, but her house will reside on the Boneyard Studios lot.  It’s the smallest of the houses at 8ft wide and 16 feet long and is modeled on the Tumbleweed Lusby.  In order to get her house on to the lot, we had to do a little shuffle of the houses.  It took all day on Friday, and Jay took some nice video and time lapse to show you the whole process (see video below).

The final setup.  From left to right on the Boneyard lot is the Pera house, Elaine’s Lusby, the Matchbox, and the Minim house.

All the Boneyard Studios houses in place

Video of house moving