The tiny house world is scattered, and sometimes it’s difficult to get a good sense of how many of us there are, where we are, and the different technologies we’re using in our homes and studios (art, office, etc). This community-owned directory is here to change that: it’s free and viewable by anyone. Connect with others by viewing the directory here ( and add your own tiny home project via the form below.

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  1. Greetings my friend,
    I am soon moving into my cypress horizon by tumbleweed for my 29th birthday in January of 2016. I am seeking a great community in proximity of loved ones residing in Baltimore, Maryland to be long term. Please provide any necessary information as this is my first time exploring such a beautiful movement.

    Thank you, Jeff Barnes II


  2. Hi there! One thing that stands out to me and something I never considered was this:
    Your community of tiny homes are legally situated on a vacant lot! Does that mean you did not have to buy or lease the land??
    I’m trying to start a community myself that is tailored to single moms. On Mother Earth News I found details on building cabins for $150 each and thought, ‘I could double the size yet make it feasible to move them by trailer if necessary!’ – basically larger tiny homes not on wheels, with two lofts and space to sleep up to six people, small wood stoves, passive solar, grey water system, community gardens & natural Playscapes + much more. The #1 difficulty is finding affordable land that isn’t too remote nor dry and infertile. If you know of communities in my state or Washington state, I could find out more how to tackle this. Any other advice is greatly appreciated! In the very least, I’d like to build 3-4 cabins on free or cheap land. Why don’t farm owners want to rent out an acre or two of land? Is it illegal to have a house on wheels on farm land yet it’s perfectly legal in someone’s backyard? I don’t get it ….




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