We’re excited to be part of such a cool project, and thrilled others are sharing in our excitement. Here’s a bit of press we’ve received. If you’re a journalist looking to chat, say hello at support@boneyardstudios.org.

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  1. Would just like to say that Urban Turf article provides a link to a map showing where your tiny homes are located.


    • Thanks for the heads up. Yeah, we certainly aren’t keeping our location a state secret (we’ve had thousands come by for our open houses); we just don’t want to publish the address too front-and-center out of respect for our neighbors. :)


  2. Hello: I want to write a story for the Wash Post real estate section on your houses. Can I come by to meet and talk to you? Pls get in touch so we can set an appointment. Thank you.
    Audrey Hoffer


  3. All:
    Thanks so much for opening your homes to the masses yesterday (8/17/14). Love what you have done and are doing to further this concept. As Donovan said – “how much can one man possibly need?” While it made for tight quarters touring each home, it was very heartening to see the huge turn-out of like-minded individuals. Thanks again.


  4. […] is kind of a big deal in the DC  tiny house scene.  She co-founded a community in the city that gained quite a bit of attention over the years, even garnering solicitations from the Discovery Channel for a reality series. […]



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