Where to find a 20′ trailer not too far from the District? We did some homework: Centreville Trailer (VA), Bill Minogue (NC), Kaufman Trailers (NC)– all of whom build nice custom trailers from scratch. Then the dealers:  Skyline Trailers (NJ),  The Hitchman (VA), Hechts (NJ), Deande (NJ), Toolshed of America (PA), Bartley Trailers (MD), who can also order customized trailers from the factory.

The best deal, and greatest degree of customization, seems to be Kaufman. Yestermorrow (who build tiny homes in VT) uses Kaufman, so they already get the odd tiny house people.  Kaufman also gives a 4% discount for 2 trailers, 5% discount on 3.  They also will lop off $300 for no trailer bed (wood). They deliver for cheap ($200 to DC from NC), but the downside is that they need to deliver somewhere where there is heavy equipment to uncouple the trailer from others- perhaps another customer.  Rachel is great and will hitch you up.

Rachel Shrum, Sales Consultant
Kaufman Trailers, Inc
Ph: 336 790-6828


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