Over the past six years of being active in the tiny house movement I have seen the diversity of people interested in building and living tiny, so it was always a surprise to me when I would attend and speak at the nation’s largest tiny house event – the Tiny House Jamboree – how overwhelmingly homogeneous the event was (almost all white). When the Jamboree moved this year from Colorado Springs to Dallas, I hoped the event and speaker lineup would be more representative of not only the city where it’s being held but also of the movement as a whole.

However, when a colleague and I expressed concern to the organizers for the third year in a row about the all-white, and almost all-male speaker lineup, we received a tremendous amount of pushback.  The contract I had signed to lead a workshop at the event was rescinded, and Jewel Pearson, co-founder of Tiny House Trailblazers, received a racist, threatening message from a tiny house event organizer. For the full story about our efforts and the response we received, please read the article I posted last month to the tiny house community (below).

Everyone's Welcome

Article I wrote last month on Medium about our experiences trying to make tiny house events more inclusive and representative

Rather than going where we’re not welcome, we’re instead working with others who value diversity, who understand the tiny house movement is not just comprised of TV hosts and lifestyle bloggers with large Instagram followings, and who understand what it takes to build true community.  As such we’re planning a series of talks over the next three months, “Art, Culture, Creativity and Tiny Houses” to help bring diverse voices and diversity awareness to the larger community.

We are fundraising to pay for the travel costs in October for the founders of Tiny House Trailblazers , Jewel Pearson and Dominique Moody, to host a talk in DC and attend the Mid Atlantic Tiny House Expo, whose proceeds are being donated to Civic Works. Some of the smaller tiny house events, like the Mid Atlantic Expo, do not have budget to pay travel or speaker costs, but still want to show the diversity of the tiny house movement and by bringing the founders of Tiny House Trailblazers to this event they will be able to do that.

Will you join us and support bringing diverse representation to tiny house events?  There are numerous ways to support our efforts:

  1. Please donate to the Tiny House Trailblazers fundraising campaign that will pay travel costs for the Tiny House Trailblazers and will fund a video about diversity to be shared freely with event organizers and online.

  2. Attend the talk in DC on Friday, October 27 to hear the stories of Tiny House Trailblazers.  Please RSVP on EventBrite.

  3. Attend the Mid-Atlantic Tiny House Expo on October 28 and 29 and come by the Tiny House Trailblazers booth to say Hi!





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