Update on dates/times for Al Jazeera specials on tiny houses:

Watch the documentary Tiny: A story about living small on Al Jazeera America station on Sunday, November 24 at 9pm EST  Details here. This is the television premier of the award-winning documentary by Merete Mueller and Christopher Smith about their experience building a tiny house in Colorado with no previous building skills!

In addition, you can also check out two Al Jazeera shows on tiny houses where you’ll get to see a tour of the Boneyard Studios lot and our houses and an interview with Christopher (the filmmaker).  The Stream airs on Friday night, November 22 at 7:30pm EST and America Tonight will broadcast their special at 5 pm or 6pm EST on Saturday night, November 22.  If any of our supporters have cable and DVR and want to record these shows for us, we would greatly appreciate it! None of us subscribe to cable and Al Jazeera U.S. doesn’t post their shows online, so make sure to catch them live if you can!


Al Jazeera America crew at Boneyard Studios


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  1. Reblogged this on Boneyard Studios and commented:
    Al Jazeera America airs a documentary and specials on Tiny Houses Nov 22-24


  2. Looking forward to all of these shows! It seems the dates may be off in the announcement and my TIVO scheduler is doing odd things so I can’t locate all the shows to figure out which is being broadcast when. Would you mind clarifying the broadcast times? (Fri is actually the 22nd of Nov). Thanks!


  3. A note from Al Jazeera America website:
    “Due to our coverage in the Philippines, TINY will now air on Sunday, Nov 24th at 9E/6P.”

    I live in Venezuela and don’t have Al Jazeera TV, if someday these shows become available online please send me a notice to my e-mail; I’ll be very grateful!

    And congratulations for showing the world what a healthier, frugal lifestyle can be!



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