Over the past eight months, we’ve welcomed over 800 tiny house enthusiasts—some curious locals and others from as far as Minnesota and Georgia—to our tiny house showcase at Boneyard Studios. Our monthly open houses afford us a terrific opportunity to share our project with others, and with power tools and construction demands set aside for the morning, to do so in a safe, distraction-free setting.


Demand to visit Boneyard Studios has been climbing, and we’ve had numerous requests to let individuals know when future open house dates are set. Unfortunately, between tiny house construction, our day jobs, and the other demands of life, we don’t have the capacity to respond to each of those requests personally, so if you’ve left a comment on our Visit page or registration form and we haven’t gotten back to you, sorry about that.

But here’s some good news: we’ve just added another two dates to our fall calendar, giving you three opportunities over the next four months to come tour our tiny houses and marvelous garden.

Upcoming open house dates:

  • Sunday, July 28th, 11AM – noon [RSVP by noon on Wednesday, July 24th]
  • Sunday, September 29th, 11AM – noon
  • Sunday, October 27th, 11AM – noon

During each open house (which are, and will always be, totally free), guests are given a brief overview of the project, time for some lot-wide Q&A, and an opportunity to tour the grounds, enter each of the tiny houses, and ask questions of each tiny house builder.

Interested in joining us at an upcoming open house? RSVP now!



Join the conversation! 6 Comments

  1. RSVP’ing for 7`28`13……I’ll be there ..can I bring anything? Coming down from B’more.


    • Great—looking forward to seeing you there! And nope, just yourself, your questions, and your enthusiasm. To keep these free, we unfortunately don’t provide any snacks or refreshments, so given the heat, some water for yourself might not be a bad idea, as well. :)


  2. I would like to RSVP for the tour on 7/28. I’m looking forward to seeing your creative work.

    Warmest Regards,



  3. Im RSVPing for 9/29. Cant wait to see all the cool stuff in person.


  4. I’m RSVPing for 9/29 . wandammurphy@aol.com.. Friends and I visited in July and got a tour.


  5. […] house events (as we’ve done through our tiny house concert series, workshops, tiny house plays, open houses, and […]



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