We just returned from the first tiny house fair at Yestermorrow Design School in Waitsfield, VT.  Elaine Walker, whose tiny house resides on the Boneyard Studios lot, worked with Yestermorrow for over a year to design and organize the fair, and we were delighted and honored to be asked to speak.

After almost ten hours on the road, Brian and I arrived just in time for dinner on Friday night and then kicked off the fair with a presentation on Boneyard Studios.  While we were exhausted, the audience was not and peppered us with many good questions.  Unfortunately, since we were both presenting, I don’t have a photo of that!

What fun it was to meet and reconnect with so many of the tiny house folks I’ve been following and learning from over the past couple of years.  I was especially excited to finally meet Dee Williams of PAD Tiny Houses in person – even more of an inspiring, lively and generous spirit than I had imagined.

Listening to Deek of RelaxShacks present is always a treat – he and his brother kept the audience laughing with their antics and tales of salvaging materials to make creative and whimsical tiny structures for every possible purpose.

Other folks we were fortunate to connect with and learn from at the fair were Mariah Coz of Comet Camper (she’s just as hip as her camper!),  Abel from Zyl Vardos, who designs very unique and beautiful tiny homes out of Olympia, WA, and Tammy Strobel and Logan Smith who are great tiny house and simple living bloggers. Check out Tammy’s beautiful photos from the fair.  Other tiny house bloggers, builders and filmmakers came from around the country.

If this weekend was any indication, there’s no doubt in my mind that the tiny house movement is growing.  Sometimes it’s easy to get a bit discouraged when weighed down with the building process, but we received such wonderful and encouraging feedback about our project that I’m coming back inspired to keep building and doing outreach work.


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  1. How fun! I can see why you are so motivated and encouraged, Jen. Can’t wait to see you in July and hear more.


  2. These pictures are so fun! Thanks for making this weekend so awesome :)


  3. […] Did some travel: me to tour the country in an even tinier fashion, and Lee and Brian to the first national tiny house fair. […]



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