Boneyard Studios is all about construction and community, and for the past hundred years, Frager’s Hardware of Capitol Hill has been big on both of those things. Thus, we were absolutely devastated to hear about yesterday’s tragic fire, which left most of the store and its surrounding businesses in ruins.

Frager’s isn’t merely a hardware store; it’s a DC institution, a place where even the most novice DIYer can find exactly what they need, aided by the store’s wonderful staff and seemingly limitless inventory, to get the job done. Indeed, we at Boneyard Studios have relied on Frager’s for countless materials in the construction and furnishing of our tiny houses, from herbs and plants to paint and hinges to, well, the literal nuts and bolts keeping them all together.

When I needed help building my first compost bin, Frager’s was there. When I needed advice on which bracing was best for a bit of framing, Frager’s was there. And when I went poking about the store looking for a small swatch of mesh for a particular project, the staff at Frager’s didn’t try to sell me a large chunk of it that I’d never be able to use; they let me into their back room to pick through their abundant scraps and keep whatever I needed at no cost. Frager’s does business the way business should be done, and always with a smile.

Thankfully, Frager’s has vowed to rebuild, to come back bigger and better than ever, but they could definitely use our (and your) help. If you’re a fan of local, ethical, community-focused business that allows people like us to do things like build tiny houses in the heart of Washington DC, please consider donating whatever you can, if only a few dollars, to this terrific and invaluable member of our community by clicking this link, hitting the Donate button on the left, and writing Frager’s in the dedication section.

Thank you, and thanks to Frager’s Hardware for serving the DC community so well for the past 93 years. Here’s to a speedy rebuild and 93 more.


June 5 Frager's fire


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