DC is preparing for Hurricane Sandy: the metro system has closed, federal government has shut down, and sandbags were put in all around my neighborhood.  While I’m a bit worried about the fate of our little houses, I do feel assured knowing that my house and trailer already survived 60mph+ winds during a storm earlier this summer that left us without power on the lot for five days.  Moreover, the house is much more weatherproof now than it was a few weeks ago.

Naked house

Last I wrote about the house’s progress, Tony was still working on the roof.  Since then he has finished the roof and dormers, we put Tyvek drain wrap around the whole house in preparation for the rain screen siding (more on this in a future post), and Tony put the roofing on early last week.  No more blue tarp over the house…thank goodness!

House with EPDM rubber roofing, furring strips, and Tyvek Drain wrap

Last week I planned a work party to help me start putting up siding.  Instead of working on siding though, we decided to concentrate on getting in the windows this weekend given the approaching storm.  A big thanks to the friends who helped wrap windows, put up furring strips, and install windows.  Extra thanks to the window team – Tony, Abby, Matt, and Matt – who spent all Saturday afternoon cutting down boards, building window frames, and installing my windows.

It’s amazing what a roof and some windows will do – the project actually looks like a house now rather than just a wooden box wrapped in Tyvek and wearing a blue tarp.

Pictures from the work party on Saturday

Pixel and Wonka awaiting their instructions for the work day

The crew prepares to install the windows

Cutting locust for window frames

Building window frames

putting on furring strips

Wrapping the windows

window wrap

Installing the windows

It was a long day…nap time!

Lee, The Houses

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  1. Stay safe and dry Lee! Will be sending warm wishes from SF! – Jenna


  2. Be safe! Thinking of you in Dallas… ( I love the progress post! And the sweet dogs….)



  3. Its come a long way from what we dragged up from SC. Looking great!


    • Thanks, Zach! It did fine in the storm – a bit of water leakage through the windows which hadn’t been fully caulked, but no leaking through the roof and everything else is fine too. We are getting ready to do siding this weekend – also doing a rain screen approach, but an open system, so I read your recent blog post. Hope everything is going well down there!


  4. Hey its looking great! A long way from what we brought up from SC. I bet it will weather the storm like a champ.


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