Some solid late June progress. After months of plotting, Pepco came out to hook up electricity, and suddenly power tools helped us complete the rest of the fence project in a few days- now just the 16 foot welded fence gate remains.  A huge thanks to Tony for some really excellent fence work! With power on, we also received and tested an electric Incinolet incinerator toilet (so far so good). The rest of the garden beds were built as Brian moved the 16 yards(!) of compost we had delivered, and a pear tree and some roses went in.  Lee’s tiny house was moved in for finishing, and we threw a little party to celebrate progress and introduce a bunch of friends to the space. Brian and Lee also taught a class on tiny house building on Saturday.  And Brian ordered a 250 gallon cistern for garden water, as well as a very cool new toy for moving the tiny homes around in tight alley spaces (can’t wait to post the videos on this one!).

A garden party to celebrate progress on the lot.

Tony did much of the heavy lifting on the fence building, and did really excellent work. He came up with the hog wire fence panel design- looks great!

Fencing is done, and just 2 garden beds left to put in…

The SUV (saab utility vehicle)

In early morning, with the grass unmowed, a bunch of purple flowers come out…

Pepco arrives at last to hook up the electricity ($2700 for one hour of work!)

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  1. Just curious, how many hours went into the behind the scenes part of the one hour for $2700? I see a truck, a crane, and likely a few people in the office directing traffic. I have no doubt that the cost was plenty high, but cities and states are in terrible financial binds these days. I paid over a grand ten years ago to have people come out and change out a water line from 3/4″ to 1″ and it aggravated me, but the cost of putting in individual water meters was really outrageous.


  2. […] 2011 – The lot gets some utilities and more work done to it.  Lee’s tiny house shell  arrives in DC from South Carolina. […]


  3. […] 2012 – The lot gets some utilities and more work done to it.  Lee’s tiny house shell  arrives in DC from South Carolina. […]



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