On Sunday we helped organize ‘Repurposing Space‘, a showcase of three ways local organizations are working to reuse vacant or underutilized land in the District.  The event took place at Wangari Gardens, a newly planned community garden space, orchard, rain garden, and community space located on 2.7 acres.  The DC Box Collective highlighted their work on adapting used shipping containers to fit the needs of under-resourced District neighborhoods.   Also on site was a Tumbleweed Fencl, a 130 square foot tiny home on wheels well suited for infilling urban backyards or alley spaces. Several hundred people came out to help in the garden, tour the Fencl, and learn move about tiny house living.  Steve Newbold was also on-site to talk about the construction of his tiny house.

For anyone interested in a community work day on the alley lot where we will be parking the tiny houses or a work day while we are building, please sign up here.

For DC metro folks interested in the new tiny house meetup group (we meet every few months to discuss all aspects of tiny living/houses), please sign up  for the Meetup Group

For anyone interested in taking a Tumbleweed Tiny House workshop this summer, you can sign up here (currently with a $100 discount).


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  1. [...] 2011 – We help organize the Repurposing Space Showcase with Wangari Gardens and the Box Collective – two other great community organizations. [...]


  2. [...] months later I met Brian, and we started collaborating on the Boneyard Studios project.  We held a showcase with Wangari Gardens in the Spring, where we met Jay, and since then we’ve held monthly open [...]



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